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Learnings from Movies & TV Series

I am a big movie fanatic. Or to keep it more polished, I wish to use the word PASSIONATE. I love gathering information, inspirations or whatsoever it matters the most for me from the movies I watched. Here is the various learnings or to say, huh.., things to be learnt by me from the movies I watched. Be it a new word or a scientific name and had I not known this earlier, I have started this post to pen it all here. If it does some good to you too, then kindly let me know and keep me inspired to proceed with this post. I call it “LEARN-NTERTAINMENT”

Nimirndhu Nil [Language/Year: Tamil/2014] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nimirndhu_Nil

  • “Tell the truth boldly whether it hurts or not. Never pander to weakness. If truth is too much for intelligent people and sweeps them away, let them go. The sooner, The better”
  • ” தாமதிக்கப்பட்ட நீதி மறுக்கப்பட்ட நீதி ” (Delayed justice is justice refused)
  • ” தப்ப சரியா செஞ்சா தப்பே இல்லை ” (A Wrong is never a wrong when done in the right way)
  • Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth – Mahathma Gandhi

Suits [TV Series]

  • Shenanigan – Mischief; Prankishness
  • Pro Bono – Done or donated without charge
  • Subpoena – The usual writ for the summoning of witnesses or submission of evidence before a court

Immortals [2011]

  • All men’s souls are immortal. But the souls of the righteous are immortal & divine – Socrates
  • Defile – To make dirty or unclean
  • Wrath – Strong stern or fierce anger
  • Retched – To make efforts to vomit
  • “Being a warrior is not just being able to strike your opponent down with a sword, but finding good reasons to draw the sword in the first place.”
  • Delirious – Wild with excitement & enthusiasm
  • Legion – A division of the Roman Army, comprising of 3000 to 6000 soldiers
  • “Its not living as such that’s important. It is about living rightly.”
  • “At peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons.”

Lockout [2012]

  • Stasis – State of equilibrium or inactivity caused by opposing equal forces
  • Infraction – Breach; Violation; Infringement
  • Holster – Sheathlike carrying case for a firearm attached to a belt, shoulder sling or saddle.
  • Spayed – To remove the ovaries of an animal
  • Emasculate – To castrate
  • Espionage – The act or practice of spying
  • Nitrogen is lighter than oxygen
  • Recon – A  search made for useful military information in the field, especially by examining the ground
  • Canister – A small box or jar or a case for holding a substance

Troy [2004]

  • “There are no pacts between lion and men”
  • “History remembers kings, not soldiers”

Enter the Dragon [1973]

  • “Boards don’t him back”

The Colony [2013]

  • “Give people the right to choose and it is theirs to face the consequences of those choices.”
  • “It is not a problem until it is a problem”
  • Feral – Reverted to a wild state
  • Corralled – A Circular enclosure; to confine
  • Thaw – To be freed from the physical effect of frost or extreme cold

Oblivion [2013]

  • Oblivion – The state of being completely forgotten or unknown
  • Gimbal – A ring or base to permit an object (like compass) to mount on it  and tilt freely in any direction.

Looper [2012]

  • Cataclysm – Sudden or violent physical changes producing changes

Transformers-Revenge of the Fallen [2009]

  • Decepticon: Optimus Prime, Die like your brothers. Optimus Prime: They were your brothers too
  • “Not to call you a coward, Master. But sometimes cowards do survive.”

Transformers-The Dark of the Moon [2011]

  • Optimus Prime: “You did not betray me, you betrayed yourself.”

Public Enemies [2009]

  • ” The only thing that is important is where somebody’s going”
  • “You don’t work with people you don’t know and you don’t work with people who are desperate”

Thuppakki : Movie Review

This is the first movie review I am writing in this blog. I am immensely happy that it happens to be a VIJAY movie. Sorry…Sorry….AR Murugadoss movie.

# Title: The title design was very artistic. But, I was reminded of a similar texture title design in an another recent Tamil movie. (Not mentioning the movie’s name as it might send a wrong opinion to the readers. If you have guessed that movie, well, you are a good observer)

# Vijay: ROCK SOLID. It is surprising to see that he was the same guy who portrayed a Military Officer character in the movie VILLU. In this movie, he was perfect. Well-built. But, his hairstyle was not of a typical army stature. Wonder how the Director missed it ? With the Rubick’s cube, Wow…Vijay ….(Infinite Exclamatory marks)

#Songs: Songs deter the PACE of the movie. A movie with a swift screenplay was cursed to accommodate songs for Vijay’s image. Pity. Minus the songs, well, the movie would definitely had no big negatives to say. Vijay’s Intro song was non-commercial & I loved that change. “Google Google” was foot-tapping. Great to hear Vijay’s voice after a long hiatus.

#Vidyut Jamwal: This guy was Royal in Billa II and is, RAW in Thuppakki. He now becomes the first villain to act in back-to-back Mass Heroes of Tamil Cinema. In Billa II, he gets a climax in mid-air whereas, in this movie, he is having a fight in mid-sea. Two different surfaces, against two mass heroes. Cherish this feat, Vidyut. You are very fortunate. But, I still wonder, why all villains spill out their destruction plans to the hero before the climax ?  Other than these, Vidyut was a perfect fir for this role and played it elegantly. Love ya….!

#Kajal Agarwal: A beautiful Kajal in the Intro scene and perfectly exposed Kajal in the ‘Vennilave’ song. Her job is done. Does quite a scenes with Vijay and it turns to be very entertaining. Nothing more to say about her. Dot.

* It was really a good thing to have new faces for the Vijay’s family

* Man-to-Man marking for killing the terrorists was really really awesome. 12 shots. 12 down. It was fascinating. A different strategy handled and it paid out really well.

* Solving the dotted puzzle in the first attempt was quite illogical. Had it been in a two or more attempts, it would have been much better

* The story , Vijay says about a brutally murdered military officer and subsequently, his younger brother joining the army, showcased the pride and honor of being an army officer. Hats off to them.

* Jayaram. Why was he in this movie ? No much difference done.

*  Murugadoss, who usually includes social issues & humanity in his movies, has taken it to the next level in Thuppakki. Clever inclusion. Perfect Match.

* Interrogation of the captured terrorist was totally afresh. The manner in which the Inspector & Joint Secretary were provoked to commit suicide, was brilliant.

* Self-Medication for the dislocated arm was not convincing enough. If it is feasible, then it is Fine.

* Slipping a Dedication title card to The Indian Army in the end credits was very very appreciative. It indeed, happened to a perfect dedication to The Martyrs.

Time to wrap up:

Thuppaki beats Ghilli, Pokiri and so on. This is what I expected from Vijay for a very very long time & Thanks To A R Murugadoss. I never Vijay wanted to be different, I only wished from him to move away from his usual methodology. He does the move here and it will really pay him off very well. His screenspace in the fight against the kidnappers, was Massive. Way through the movie, I often felt THUPPAKKI was small a title for this cinema. Names like ROCKET & MISSILE, would have been an apt option. Such was the package the movie had.

##To Vijay Fans: Raise your collars. Be proud. IlayaThalapathy has delivered his best ever. But do remember,’ எதுல வேணும்னாலும் ஆடலாம். ஆனா , ஆணவத்துல மட்டும் ஆடக்கூடாது.’ It is just a sincere reminder, for the general togetherness of the fans. Nothing else. Don’t take it in the wrong way. Ilaya Thalapathy is in the BIGGEST STYLE-MASS FACTOR EVER.

##To Anti-Vijay Fans: Stop unnecessarily exaggerating the minuses of the movie. Every movie has drawbacks. It only matters, how well the drawbacks matter at the last. As of this movie, those negativism cancels out at the end. So, don’t break your heads to find faults. Learn to enjoy the movie & appreciate the performance of an actor. Grow up, Guys. Cursing an another actor, cannot bring laurels to your favorite hero. The same, implies to all actor’s fans too. If you want to praise your hero, praise him alone. Mocking or demeaning other actors, is a cheap act. Nobody will prefer it & especially THALA….never ever. If you LOVE your actor, learn to RESPECT the other actor. That is DIGNITY. As I always say, BE A SENSIBLE FAN.

##As a ‘SENSIBLE’ Ajith Fan: Vijay Rocks. Enormous stuff delivered by Mr. Vijay. Glad to see him in such away-from-usual roles. My Best Wishes to AR Murugadoss for giving this style to Mr. Vijay. This movie will remain in my favorite list of Thalapathy movies. Expecting much more power-packed movies from him. “I AM WAITING”.

Signing off.

Live & Let Live. Cheers.

How i became an AJITH fan ?

2006. My first year in college. During the Diwali in that year, we wanted to go for a movie FDFS. I wished to see Vallavan, because i was very much impressed by Simbhu’s Manmathan (2004). I was confident that my friends (Janarthan Balaji & few others) would get tickets for Vallavan. On the day of Diwali, I went to the Baba Complex Theatre and only there I came to know that  the movie we were going to watch was VARALAARU. Ajithkumar’s movie. I was mood out, at that very instant.

Without much joy & excitement, I stood in the long queue. Getting crushed among the fans. Chanting of THALA, THALA echoed everywhere. It was electrifying. I was wondering how a actor, who has more flops in his career than hits, is still able to draw such massive crowds to the theatre. That was the first time, I started to observe Ajith. Into the theatre. Title is on. Nobody was on their seat. When Ajith hits the screen, smoking a pipe and giving a laugh……wow…amazing….The fans gave a monstrous applause, whistle…..But i felt that these things happen, in all big star movie’s FDFS. So, I took it lightly.

Later, during the Intro of the ‘Dancer’ Ajith…I really felt that this guy is a better actor than he is looked upon. The role that he portrayed was a SHOCK to me. How did this guy who is still suffering with flops, can do such a character ? I said to myself that though it was a bold move by Ajith, the recognition that he would get would be less. After the movie, I came out with the opinion that AJITH CAN PERFORM WELL, than many thought. The movie went to become the biggest hit of Ajith’s career at that time, added to it he won his Filmfare Award for the Best Actor. I was glad that I was proved wrong and Ajith won praises for his performance.

Later came Aalwar. Right. This guy has gone back to his roots. Giving flops. But, this one was a terrible & horrible flop. Pokiri, which was released during the same time, went to become a MEGA-BLOCKBUSTER for Vijay. During that time, I liked Vijay a lot. I had seen the movie GHILLI, 5 times and Pokiri, 3 times. I wasn’t a fan of Vijay, but I preferred to se his movies. Kireedam, an average grosser movie, though didn’t make a big impact was quite well received for Ajith, in playing a not-so-action-hero type.

One day, in a magazine, I learnt that Ajith was going to act in the remake of Super Star’s ‘BILLA‘. This was really the worst idea that Ajith could take, I felt. I really felt sorry for him. Earlier, he was drawn into comparisons with his peer, Vijay. Well, it happens in all movie industries. But, now he will be drawn into comparison, with a actor who is looked upon as GOD. No surpassing GOD. It never happens. Good Luck, Ajith, be safe, was the words running in my mind. All magazines had the same thing to say. This could really be the turning point of Ajith.


December 2007. Billa. Largest worldwide release for Ajith. Marched into the theatre (KG Cinema which is now Big Cinemas), with my friends. The title card thanked Rajnikanth for permitting them to remake the movie. As usual, volcanic eruptions of whistles, just for the name RAJINIKANTH.

A scene from the movie 'BILLA'

A scene from the movie ‘BILLA’

The Intro Scene. The Title Design of Billa. The Cinematography. These were totally of very high quality. Totally unexpected kind of movie-making. The Interval Block where Ajith says, ‘I AM BACK’ , standing beneath the flying helicopter, was the scene where Ajith became THALA for me. Not only to me, but also to many of my friends. From that day, till now I am fan of Thala.

The movie went to be a MASSIVE HIT. Heaping praises for Ajith & even more appreciations for not lowering the hype-expectations of a Super Star movie remake. My mom, who is always a Die-Hard of Rajinikanth, also said to me that Ajith had upheld the expectations of a Super Star movie and that she had became a fan of Ajith.

The don look. The Outfits. Perfect, it was perfect. It was TAILOR-MADE for Ajith. The look of the movie was of Hollywood Standard.

That was indeed, THE TURNING POINT in Ajith’s career. It also had been my turning point in my outlook towards him.



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