Exploring the ancient Kamru village

Whispers from my beautiful past....

Nestled in the hills of lesser Himalayas and about a 2 km hike from Sangla, Kamru is a blend of heritage and natural beauty. While, we get to see the most beautiful landscapes in Sangla valley, the best view of its splendour could be seen from the top of the Kamru fort. After a night stay in Sangla valley, Gautham, Aashish and I started early the next day to explore Kamru.

IMG_20170707_224350 Kamru village and Kamru fort as seen Sangla valley

IMG_20170707_224922 Stepping into the historic Kamru village

As we ascended up slowly and reached the Kamru Badhri Vishal mandir, we met Hariram ji, an elderly locallite of Kamru village, serving as the postmaster there. After getting to know that we were heading to Harshil via Lamkhaga pass, he couldn’t resist sharing his experience of crossing the pass way back in 1980s/1990s with me and Aashish.

IMG_20170519_070746253 Entry to Badri Vishal Mandir in…

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