Divya Desam #76 & #77/Thirunavai & Thiruvithuvakode

In the month of May, I had traveled to these places. Back-to-back.  Having Coimbatore as my hometown proved very beneficial in visiting these temples. Traveling by car made it much more easier. The train conveyance, though available, is not so convenient to visit these two temples. You need to start at very early at 0330 hours to catch a train at Podanur Junction (This is a different station and is pretty far from the Coimbatore Junction).  Traveling by buses is definitely not a best option unless you are planning to have a night stay near the temple premises.

Thiruvithuvakode Temple


The sacrament of the idols in the Thirumittakode temple is believed to have been personally conducted by the Pandavas. Each Pandavas have individually carried on rituals for their respective idols. This temple is situated near the banks of a river and this would be a scenic view for the devotees.

Thiruvithuvakode Temple – Google View


Another view of Thiruvithuvakode Temple

One big surprise or you may call it wonder is that, devotees need to enter the grabha griha (sanctum sanctorum) by crossing over a small stone barricade. Though the reason for this is unknown, it is believed to have been there since the time of the temple erection. This is the first time I have come across such a entrance for a temple.

Thirunavai Temple

The other temple which is around 35 km far from Thiruvittakode is Thirunaavya. This too is situated across on the banks of Bharathapuzha river. This temple is pretty well-known, guessing by the footfalls I had seen during my visit. The former temple had very few footfalls.

From Coimbatore, it will take a minimum of 3 hours to reach to these two temples. Starting around 5 a.m from Coimbatore, would enable one to visit both the temples by afternoon.

One can very well rely on Google Maps to locate both the temples.

Another important thing that one must always keep in mind is that entry for men into any Kerala temple would be permitted only if he wears a dhoti with a towel wrapped around his shoulders. Sarees, salwars are the garments that would be accepted. Jeans, trousers and shorts would not be entertained.

Happy visiting,  kowthamkumark@gmail.com


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