Divya Desam #64/Thirukkadigai: My Travel Register

The view of the temple from afar

This is the temple located far away from Chennai. You need to board a train to Arakkonam and from there you need to board another bus towards Vellore that passes through Sholinghur. This temple is located at the outskirts of the town and you can disembark near the temple.

  • One of the few divya desams in Tamilnadu, that is located on a hillock
  • Periya Koil (Big Temple): With a total of 1305 steps, this hillock is one exciting trek.
  • Chinna Koyil (Small Temple): It has around 400 steps and is situated adjacent to the big temple.
  • The chief deities in Big Temple and Small Temple are Yoga Narasimhar and Yoga Anjaneyar (Hanuman) respectively.

I had boarded a sub-urban train to Arakkonam from Chennai Central at around 06:15 hrs. The journey would be of 120 minutes. From Arakkonam railway station, I took an auto to the central bus stand. Buses to Sholinghur would be very frequent, say for every 5-10 minutes.

Sholinghur is 30 km away from Arakkonam and towards Vellore city. The journey towards SHolinghur would be a maximum of 40 mins. The temple is a very prominent spot and the bus would halt at the temple for a minute 0r two. So locating the temple would be an issue for the devotees.

A huge Anjaneyar (Hanuman) idol would be seen. It marks the spot of the entrance towards the temple. From the main road, one need to travel a distance of 1-2 km towards the hillock. Numerous share autos (fare of Rs.10/-) would be available for travelling this distance.

The footsteps leading to the temple

From the above picture, you can very well see that the full stretch of the footsteps would be covered by overhead sheets. This is the best part. Considering the hot climatic nature of the town, this would be the greatest relief. Devotees can rest on the side walls and can continue the journey as per their convenience.

The 300th step

One big precaution that must be taken is to safeguard yourselves from the monkey. You would be finding more monkeys than the devotees throughout the trek uphill. It is advisable not to carry any water bottles or eatables with you. However, if you happen to carry any pooja items make sure that you conceal it properly. Added to it, you can get a stick at the foothills which would be a perfect defence mechanism to be used against the monkeys.


The temple would be open from 08:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs. There would not be any break in-between. So you can plan your trek accordingly. There is no escaping the scorching sun.

You would be treated with an awesome view of the landscape around. It would be a treater to watch.


There would be numerous water bottle and food stalls along the trek. So one need not worry about it. The stalls would be found halfway through the trek.

Resting places along the uphill trek. Cool breezes would help you have a quick refresh.
Step No. 1305

For more details: Dinamalar & Official website.


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