Divya Desam #59/Thiruvallur-My Travel Register

Veeraraghava Perumal Temple

Boarding the sub-urban (local) to Thiruvallur train would be the better option than traveling by buses. Trains to Arrakonam pass through this place. So, there wont be much constraints in conveyance.

The temple is around 4 km from the railway station. Numerous autos and buses would be available. However, share-autos would the apt choice as they would cost Rs. 10/-.

The temple is located in the heart of the city and a large pond is located nearby.

Unlike other Ragnantha Perumal where the right hand would be placed near the head, the deity in this temple is found extending the right hand outside the body of Adisheshan. A sage is seen supporting the hand by his head.


  • The Perumal here is Veeraraghava Perumal and he is capable of curing diseases so he is called “Vaithiya Veeraraghavan”.
  • The god married the Thaayar, who borne in this sthalam as the daughter of King Dharmasenan and was named as “Vasumathi”.
  • There is another legend that Lord Shiva got rid of his Brahmahathi Dosha after worshipping Lord Vishnu in this sthala. There is a small Shrine for Lord Shiva in this temple premises.

For more details on timing and other, click here.

Happy visiting !


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