Divya Desam #58/Thiruninravur-My Travel Register


Located at about 32 km from Chennai (aprox). The most easy way for travel would be by the local (sub-urban) trains. Trains travelling to Arakkonam and Thiruvallur would pass through this place.

The temple is located within 2 km from the railway station. Numerous share-autos would be available. So, you would be facing much constraints for travel and it also becomes needless to draft an extensive travel plan.

Fairly small temple. Its historical significance is not so mighty unlike other temples in the divya desam list. Its a rather quiet temple operating without much fanfare. However, the most beautiful thing in this temple is that, you can see the main deity Bhaktavasala Perumal at close proximities. After Thirukadalmallai, I feel this temple to be the next most place where we can see the deity at close quarters.

On the inner walls of the temple, one can find the complete photos of all the 108 divya desams. Its good to have such a feature. It helps you in planning for further trips and also information is wealth. Nothing wrong in knowing about temples and deities.


Before entering the temple, you would be welcomed by this huge tree. Seeing such massive  trees has been a rarity these days. One would wonder how old this tree would be. The cold breeze that this tree offered had filled the whole area. Absolutely mesmerising.


Temple Timing : 7:30am-12 noon and 4:30pm-8:30pm. After having opening the temple, it usually takes 15-20 minutes to open the inner sanctum. So, kindly plan to reach the temple accordingly to avoid waiting.

For more details: PRTraveller / Dharsanam/ Aalayam Kandean

Happy visiting, Kowtham Kumar K


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