Divya Desam #60/Thiruvallikeni: My Travel Register


  • The closest divya desam to the city of Chennai. Infact, it is in the heart of the city. The chief deity, Paarthsaarathy sports a moustache. This makes this temple unique as this is the only perusal temple in the world with such a facial feature.
  • The idol is said to have war scars on its face depicting the wounds that Lord Krishna had earned during the Kurukshetra battle. These scars were believed to have caused by Bhishma’s arrows

Personal experience:

  • One of the very few divya desams where you can easily and clearly see the chief deity the moment you step into the garbhagriha (sanctum sanctorum). From the moment you step in, till the moment you leave the chamber, you can easily view the idol. One of the best things that you can experience in this temple.
  • Since the location is within the city, minimal plan would enable you to a good visit

Other divya desams that can be visited having Chennai as the focal point:


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