Divya Desam #61/Thiruneermalai: My Travel Register


  • Following Thiruvallikeni Parthasarathy Temple, this temple is the next closely located temple from the city of Chennai
  • This temple is less than 5 km from places like Pallavaram, Chrompet & Anakaputhur
  • The complex is in two parts one at the base of the hill for the Staladhipadhi Neervanna Perumal (Ninran-Standing Posture), housing shrines of his consort Animamalar Mangai thayar, Kalyana Ramar and Andal. Shrine for Anjaneya (Hanuman) is to the right as one climbs up to the hill shrine.
  • The other temple complex located on the hillock has three shrines for Lord Ranganatha (Kidanthaan – in reclining posture), Trivikrama (Nadanthaan – in walking posture), Lord Narasimha (Irundhaan – sitting posture) and a Shrine for Ranaganayaki Thayar (facing East)


  • The Vishnu Avatar can be seen in all 4 postures (Standing, Sitting, Reclining & Walking)
  • Eight Vishnu temples in India are considered very important praised as Swayam Vyaktha Kshetras of which this Tiruneermalai temple is one. Others are Srirangam in Tiruchi district, Srimushnam in Cuddalore district, Tirupathi in south and Salagramam, Naimisaranyam, Pushkaram and Naraanapuram in north


  • Temple was surrounded by water way back in time and hence the name ThiruNEERmalai (in Tamil: Neer-Water; Malai-Hill).
  • Saint Tirumangai Azhwar came to this place for Perumal’s darshan. He could not see Perumal as the mount was surrounded by water. Azhwar decided to wait and have the darshan of Lord and stayed in the opposite hill. Though days moved, water level did not recede. He was steadfast in his determination and waited till the water level lowered, had the darshan.
  • Though Lord Narasimha is known for his furious appearance, He is smiling and cool here. After killing Hiranya to save his devout son Prahlada from his tortures, He was still furious. Boy Prahlada was very much afraid of Lord’s fury. To make His devotee happy, Lord Narasimha shed His fury and appeared before Prahlada as a smiling boy Himself. He thus became Bala Narasimha. There is a shrine for him in the hill temple. Behind Bala Narasimha is Ugra (furious) Narasimha with two hands. We can worship Narasimha in two forms Bala and Ugra. .
  •  Sage Valmiki, author of the celebrated epic Ramayana, desired to have the wedding darshan of Lord Sri Rama. He came to this place and performed penance to achieve his aim. Lord Rama appeared before the sage as he wished with Mother Sita and brothers Sri Lakshmana, Sri Bharatha and Sri Satrugna. The sage wished the Lord to stay in the place for the benefit of all devotees and Lord was happy to oblige him.
  • After the darshan of Lord in Srirangam in reclining posture, sages Markandeya and Brugu were returning to their places. The darsahn at Srirangam was afresh in their minds. They prayed to Lord to grant them darshan again at this place. Lord granted the darshan as Boga Ranganatha in reclining posture in this place and continues to bless from the hill top His devotees.


  • 200 steps to reach the temple from the foothill. So it is advisable to visit the temple early in the morning/evening to escape the scorching heat and feet burns, as you need to scale up the hillock without any footwear.
  • It’s a relatively very small temple and as the two temple complexes are nearly, you can very well wrap up the visit in an hour.
  • The options for food and accommodation is very limited. So, carry with you the necessary refreshments
  • Thiruneermalai is 4 kms from Chennai Pallavaram. Buses are available from Tambaram bus stand. Also one can reach Thiruneermalai by electric train from Egmore to Pallavaram and continue by bus. Nearest Railway station is Pallavaram and airport Chennai Meenambakkam.
  • Temple Timings: 8 AM -12 Noon and 4PM – 8 PM

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Dinamalar-Thiruneermalai Temple

Thiruneermalai Temple Website


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