Respect legends. FEDAL.


Of late, I have seen posts and news articles proclaiming Stan Wawrinka as the new King of Clay. I strongly feel that these persons would have started watching tennis from this May onwards. No offences to Stan. Full credits to him for playing Roger & Novak the way it should be played. He deserved the 2015 Roland Garros crown. But… that sufficient enough to term him as the King of Clay.

A total of 9 Roland Garros. 8 consecutive Monte-Carlo & Barcelona titles. 7 Rome titles, 80-odd match consecutive match winning streak on clay and so on that I could hardly remember. Those “few” people, who say Stan is the new King of clay, you think without surpassing these records one can be crowned so. Is that crown so cheap? Please be sensible. These records would definitely be broken, but not in the near future. Even Rafa modestly, said, “If I can do it, anybody can do it”. But, it would take atleast a decade for someone to reach this level and I do not see anyone in the near future to break these.


The same insensibility occurred to Roger, when “few” after the 2008 Wimbledon final started terming Rafa as the “Greatest of all-time”, which Rafa still denies and he is right. Roger is a legend, who had dominated this sport like no other in history or in the near future. I am not a fortune teller, but winning 5 consecutive Wimbledon & US open is no easy task and the bigger task being his consistency. Nobody would dare to come near his excellence on those courts (barring clay) during the 2000s. No.1 for 300 odd weeks, I suppose. That is Greatness. That is sheer dominance. That is why he would be always the “Greatest” of all time and Nadal would be the person who stood firmly on Roger’s way from achieving even more. Rafa’s 23-10 head-to-head record shows hoe Rafa stopped Roger only and this in no way makes Rafa the “greatest”. Rafa might be “greater”. That’s all.

This period of 2000s is the Golden Age of this sport ever and a huge contribution has been put forward by these 2 legends, followed by Novak & Murray. I request people to start respecting legends and their legacy. I sincerely also request them to be more sensible in penning out their thoughts. Thanking you.

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