Always with you, Rafa !!


“When did you last cry?”…had this question been asked day before yesterday, my answer would have been “No Idea? I hardly remember.” But if you pose the same question to me today, my answer would be YESTERDAY. The reason was you, Rafa.

Roland Garros 2015. Quarter final. Rafa vs. World No.1 Djoker. Djoker had everthing in him to win this and Rafa had nothing to defend with. A one-sided match.  Never lived upto the expectations of the viewers. But it is a day that I would never forget and you either.

No player in the history of tennis had been in such a career intertwined with injuries and miracle comebacks like you. I do not know what aspiring tennis professionals are learning from you, but we fans are learning the qualities of never-say-die and be humble attitude from you. This has been the greatest lesson you have taught me, not only through your matches, but also through your interview.

From Federer, the greatest in history, one can learn how to be classy. From you, Rafa one can learn on how to be gracious in victory and most importantly, in defeat.

The Greater King you are. Off-court. On-court, well, I leave this verdict to you all those people out there to decide it. I admire you for the person you are, rather than a player you were/are. My admiration towards you will never cease and in spite of all these defeats, I only see within me that I have been admiring you more and more. I have been terribly angry on you for the last 7 months for the performance that you gave. I have to vent my anger somehow, right. But I do realize that sitting within 4 walls and commenting on you is very easy than playing on a court with hundreds of fans surrounding you on all 4 directions. But still, I am sorry Rafa. I too am a human, right? Hope you understand me. But please remember Rafa, all this anger is only due to the profound and perpetual admiration that I always have on you.

I am skeptical whether you would make a comeback like how you did twice or thrice earlier in your career. Whether you would win a Grand Slam again, I am clueless. I have no idea whether you would achieve the La Decima in Roland Garros. But, I am definitely sure of the fact that nobody could ever win the hearts of millions and millions of people around the world like how you did and no other player can draw such an admiration than you, Rafa. Nobody can. Nobody will.

Love you the most, Rafa. Ever. Love you for what you were. For what you are and for what you would be. Still eager to watch you play on-court regardless of the results that it yields.

Keep inspiring. Always admiring.


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