Jamshedpur : My Travel Register

  • The Steel City of India
  • The Tata Steel Factory is in the centre of the city. Or let us say, it is indeed the CITY in itself.
  • Unusually, I came across a lot of Tamil People in this city. Lots of South Indian Food available in the streets. I must accept the fact, that this food is on par with the food as served in Tamilnadu.
  • Lots of fruit stalls are adorned across the streets. Oranges, Apples & Papayas are the most that you can find in here at very economical prices. You can include a fruit in every meal you have, such is the amount of fruits available. The most lovely thing is, these fruits are served in big leaves and not on plastic or paper plates. Highly eco-friendly, I must say.
  • Buses for public transportation is very meagre. You need to travel only by auto-rickshaws for most part of your travel within the city. The fares are very economical and we can travel to many places without grudging for the fares with the driver.
  • Jamshedpur is one of the cities in India where maximum street shopping can be done. It has stretches of markets across the city where all commodities can be purchased. Name it, you can get it.