How to be a Genuine THALA fan….?

Hello Friends,

Being a fan is easy. But, being a sensible fan is the most important thing now-a-days. Following the release of Aaramabam, I have seen enough of nuisances between the fans. Thuppaki had the biggest opening, not Aarambam says a few. The rest contradict it. But as far it remains healthy, it can be taken as a discussion. Unfortunately, things are not as I wish. I am very very disappointed with these.

Every actor’s fan loves their respective actor much and admire him. It is their personal choice. No one can influence it. Following the release of every movie, rather than the reviews I am very annoyed in these absurd comments that I happen to see in Facebook and Twitter. I cannot help, but notice these nuisances.

Ajith always wishes his fans to be more mature and sensible. He re-iterates it. His fan base might be growing, but the kind of attitude that he wishes his fans to have, I suppose is not reached. Appreciation must be unbiased. Criticism must be accepted. Demeaning an actor or his movie seems to be a regular practice, upon a big actor’s release.

Thuppaki’s colletion is the bigget. Aarambam is the biggest. Blah, Blah, Blah. Totally upset over this. I just ask an simple question to all the fans. Do you like an actor for his performance or for his box-office collections ? If you say only for box-office collections then I think Ajith would be having the least fans. AM i right ? You love him for how he is on-screen and off-screen. The way he carries himself has been the talk of the state over the last few years and his fan base has extended over all age groups.

If someone provoke you, just be quiet. Also you must not provoke or demean other actor’s movie. I know being inert is difficult, but kindly try to be so. Love Thala. Follow his ideologies and principles. Respect his words. If you do so, I think he will be very proud of it.

This post might change at-least one fan to be genuine and sensible. I dedicate this post to that fan, who makes THALA proud.

As Thala always says, “LIVE AND LET LIVE”. Thank you for reading. Cheers.