Amritsar : My Travel Register

Starting Point : Dehradun

Terminal : Amritsar

Boarded the Amritsar-Dehradun Express on Aug 23, 2013. The train started late (as usual). Reached late. The biggest thing to mention in this train journey is that we had an opportunity to play cards. There is no great pleasure in the train journey than getting an opportunity to play cards with your friends.

Welcome, Amritsar....!
Welcome, Amritsar….!

Reached Amritsar at 0830 hrs and checked it in a mediocre hotel. We just had a bath, checked out as soon as possible to visit The Golden Temple. Then, after seeing a dhaba we stopped by it. The dhaba ka name was Brothers ka Dhaba. That was a very fine breakfast in Amritsar. Could easily be the best. Don’t miss this Dhaba in Amritsar. Paneer Kulcha, Lassi, Dahi. Yummy. Ample items.

With a heavy stomach, we moved to The Golden Temple. The climate was very very humid. Purchasing a scarf from a shop, we set foot in The Golden Temple. What an ambiance it had. Simple Marvelous. The term ‘Sparkling White’ can be used to describe it. Crystal clear marble floors. The Golden Beam of the temple leaves you stunned. The orderly fashion of the queues, lots of people but still less noises in the temple’s premises. I admired this a lot. A nice spot for meditation too.

Glittering Gold & Sparkling White
Glittering Gold & Sparkling White

Next is The Jallianwala Bagh. It is less than a kilometer far from The Golden Temple. No entry fees. It is a small lane through which we need to go. It can easily go unnoticed. Such was the place. You cannot help you shed a few tears in this place. Very step you take, you would tend to remember the people who were running around and getting shot. Scribblings on the wall, love you stuff writings in the pillars of this national monument is a shame.

Lane to Patriotism
Lane to Patriotism

Travel Tips:

  • Light Cotton Clothing is preferrable. It is a very humid climate
  • The city of Amritsar can be toured in less than 12 hours including the Wagah Border
  • The Jallianwala Bagh can be toured in less than a hour
  • Needless for a plan of travel for The Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh. Just a walk will do,
  • No other tourist destinations in Amritsar other than this Big 3. So, Amritsar can be wrapped up well within a day.
  • Enjoy your food at the various dhaba’s in Amritsar. Do not forget to taste Lassi and Paneer Kulcha. They are the best.

PS: The Wagah Border is to be posted as a separate post.

Have a happy and safe journey……!


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