Learning from Rafael Nadal

Roland Garros 2013
Roland Garros 2013

#Roland Garros 2013:  As well as being one of the world’s greatest sportsmen, Rafael Nadal is certainly one of the most polite and pleasant. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, Nadal took time out to shake the hand of the security staff who wrestled the second-set court intruder to the floor and now he is posing with the ball kids and tournament officials for team photos.

He is the sort of guy you would actively introduce to your sister.

# Before  Wimbledon 2012: I’m very happy the way things went the last couple of months and really since the beginning of the season. But thinking about winning another title here at Wimbledon is arrogant and crazy…That’s something I cannot think about.


#  Bleacher Report: You can tell your kids when they watch Nadal, whether it’s tapes of last year or the live matches when he comes back. To be brave and to never give up. To be humble and generous in victory and defeat. To let will overcome deficit and adversity. To try. To keep trying. These are qualities we can actually control. These are qualities that have nothing to do with sport and everything to do with life. You cannot be Godlike. But you can be an exemplary human

#  At Wimbledon he welcomes the chance to live in a rented house, surrounded by familiar faces, rather than stay in a hotel. “For me, family and friends are very important,” Nadal said.

# A lot of people believe competition is like life, but that’s not how I see it. I love to win, I love the competition and I will try my best until the last moment, but what happens off the court is not going to affect what happens on it. We can try our best on the court and when we are off it we can be close friends.”

“Nadal has never broken a racquet. It would be showing a lack of respect to people who actually have to buy the equipment to play the sport “ – Uncle Toni

#  It’s the will and attitude to keep on fighting till the end. Every moment he steps on the court, he steps out with a new found hunger and gives his 100 percent in every point, no matter even if he is playing the match against a qualifier or the best. Layoffs, breaks, injuries  in the case of  champions like Nadal make them even more hungry and determined to focus on their games and return with a vengeance to make up for the time lost.


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