From the Bowl of a beggar……

Our day-to-day life tells us numerous stories, which are unheard by us. The co-passenger, the passer-by, the security guard, the waiter and the list can be made to continue for long. All of them have their own versions of lifestyles. Might be grand or simple, but there are always a lesson to learn from (if we prefer).

Say for an example, the co-passenger beside us, can be over a call. We cannot help but overhear his conversation due to his proximity of seating with us. We can deduce certain facts from his conversation and can draw a conclusion from it, which he might not have noticed. But, we cannot tell this to him, since it is always a matter of privacy and people must never involve in other’s personal space. So, it is better to keep such things within us. Stealing from others is a crime, whereas learning isn’t.


Today, I happened to see a old woman asking for alms across the street. The sun was in his full blaze, and I could see the old woman being penniless. On the move, I gave her a two 10 rupee note. She politely stopped me and thanked me for being so gracious and kind. Then I was taught by her actions, the greatest lesson of life. She told me that a 10 rupee note is enough for her to fill her stomach for the morning and returned the other 10 rupee note to me. I was puzzled and asked her why. She smiled and said to me that there are many old people panhandling around and that this 10-rupee note would make someone else’s day better like how hers was. She asked me to give this money to those people whom I happen to find. Saying this, she walked away. I saw her, from a distance, buying a tea and a bun. She had them, went under the shade of a tree and slept. I could very well make out that it was her daily routine. By a simple gesture of hers, came the greatest lesson of life.

What counts

This incident happened in a busy Palladam bus terminal (A small town in the southern part of India). There were hundreds of people nearby watching the old panhandler returning a 10-rupee note to me. I can very well guess what those people would have imagined. I might have been their joke of the day or maybe the year too. But, what that old panhandler told me was absolutely life-changing. She very well would have had a decent meal with the 20 rupees, but she was very considerate about the other panhandlers who are in the same plight as her.


Later, I gave the other 10 rupee note to another old beggar, as she . He thanked me profusely and walked away. This happened to me and I am sharing with you here. Hope it triggers you in deducing your own ‘moral of the story’. Deduce the moral and most importantly, practice them. Lessons matter a lot, than the people who taught it. Hope this article of mine generates a positive effect like the movie ‘Pay it forward’.

Concluding with the moral I deduced, ” Live and Let Live”.

” Have a happier life, by making other’s life happy. Cheers.”



2 thoughts on “From the Bowl of a beggar……

  1. Tuely said.. Life is all about making others happy. Since you and that old lady are nothing but children of the same God, we should be kind enough to help each other. I believe truly , if nothing can change our lives , BLESSINGS really can . Keep helping, stay blessed 🙂

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