The World as 100 people

The World as 100 people


Pay It Forward


Friendship. One of the most beautiful relationships ever. The magic that it can spin in your life would always be unimaginable and unexpected too. Here is my experience on how that magic occurred to me.

Summer Internship is a part of every college curriculum. I had to apply for one this year. Unfortunately, my internship was not supported by my institution citing the reasons for my poor performance in my semester examinations. Furthermore, they asked me to pursue an internship in a company of their choice, if I wish to remain under the aegis of my university. The company that they offered was totally out-of-my interest. I was totally down, since I had very less time to look for my own internship.

Here is where my friend came to the rescue. He stayed with me for nearly two weeks, helped me out in my most stresses times, in doing the procedures for the application of my internship. He did all this help, in spite of the fact that, he was also facing some problems with his internship. He took me under his care and did the most timely help ever. I had no words to thank him and I said the same to him. He replied me in one sentence,PAY IT FORWARD”.

The true example of how a friend and human must be.

How to leave from the Garbhagriha in an Indian Temple ?


Today I happened to visit a Shiva Temple on the eve of Shivaratri. After worshiping the idol, I turned back to leave. The priest there, stopped me and asked me not to backtrack, but to leave the Garbhagriha by facing in the direction of the idol. He said that it is considered disrespectful if we do not leave so. Furthermore, he explained to me that one must always see the idol while entering and leaving the Garbhagriha. One must turn their back only after stepping out of the Garbhagriha.

My Energy-Less House

Everybody’s dream is to own a house. In the current era of energy crisis & global warming issues, I feel that our houses should also conserve energy by its own. My idea of penning this blog, is to draft a house which suits our needs and also cares about using less energy. I am not too deep into the concept of green buildings or stuff. It is just a rough sketch which would be easily achieved, without much strains. Being a post-graduate student who specializes in sustainable technology, I must build such a home and let people know the need for such homes in the near future.

As Bruce Lee quoted, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do“. Well, he is definitely right. I ought to build one such home with my little not-so-much-expertise.

I would also request the readers to kindly put forth your thoughts on this. Looking forward to more views from you. Thanks in advance.

I live in India, which as everybody knows has a tropical weather and is deprived of necessary energy. Hope it doesn’t become much worse. Keeping that in mind, I am starting my post right here.

Installing a HOME POWER CARD SWITCH near your door: This is kind the system of hotel power card, which shuts off the room’s power supply when you pull the card out of the holder. Before leaving the house, I would always think whether I turned off all my appliances and would be recalling it again and again till I am TIRED THINKING. Such a system would be very helpful for people like me and would do good for the energy-deprived nation. Well, holding such a card for your house might not be such a bad idea.


Solar Screen Shade

Offers the ease of letting in the sun whenever you wish. I guess, this is not the case in case of reflective window glasses.


  • Placing the air-conditioner below the tree shade
  • Trees on the periphery
  • Leaving enough space between the refrigerator and the walls or cabinets
  • Make sure that your refrigerator door seals are air-tight. This could be done by inserting paper between the seals. If you can pull it out easily, the latch needs replacement or repair
  • Thumb rule for plants in house: Two plants per 100 square feet. Plants that are preferable are Boston Fern, Spider Fern, English Ivy, Areca Palm & Palm Lillies

Installing Carpet Tiles


(More energy saving to be done. Kindly Stay on-grid.)