Simple & Rarified……!

  1. Be more humble than a blade of grass
  2. True education lies in respecting others
  3. Before you get angry, THINK
  4. Remember, it is very difficult to keep things simple. So, is LIFE
  5. Have a confidant circle and share your views with them
  6. We have lessons to learn from everyone. Keep your mind open.
  7. Be bold, not dominant
  8. Be a critic to yourself
  9. Stay organized
  10. Listen to other’s suggestions and opinions before taking a decision
  11. Maintain your individualism
  12. Be cheerful, because cheerfulness is contagious
  13. Have concern for others
  14. Make a girl feel secure, when she is by your side
  15. Be courteous
  16. Think and speak. Walls may have ears too.
  17. If you want to change something, start doing it and stop searching people to help you out
  18. Keep the place around you clean
  19. Maintain a clean attire
  20. Wear outfits than suit you than to imitate from other’s style
  21. Help others. Pay it forward.
  22. Don’t forget your roots
  23. Respect your teachers outside your college premises
  24. Do your part in keeping the environment clean, whenever and wherever possible
  25. Be aggressive
  26. Develop intellectual hobbies. Try mastering them.
  27. Buy genuine books. Don’t purchase pirated copies. Respect the writer and the work that he has put into it. Remember, nothing comes easy.
  28. Stop judging people by their past. That’s an immature act.
  29. Don’t ignore anyone. If you don’t like anyone, just maintain a distance. Professional behavior is appreciated.
  30. Failure teaches you more lessons than success.
  31. Attitude takes you to places. Enhance it.
  32. You cannot be liked by everyone. So, stop worrying about people who don’t like you. Concentrate on the positive side.
  33. If you cannot eradicate your negatives, then overshadow them with your positives.
  34. Stay optimistic.
  35. Stop judging people by their physique
  36. There is more in a girl than mere flesh
  37. Greet your peers everyday

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