More Living, Less Drinking & No Smoking

I know how to drink. I very well know how to drive. But, I do not know how to drink and drive and I am not interested in knowing it either. There are much better things in this world to learn about. Seeking for them.

I was given this following advice from my father:

If you wish to drink, then you may drink. I won’t object to it, but make sure that you drink in your hard earned money and not on mine. Added to it, drink responsibly too. The next thing that I wanted to tell you is that whatever it may be, never smoke. You can drink responsibly, but you cannot smoke responsibly. Keep this in mind

Drink Responsibly I

Not only by seeking revenge, but also by smoking ; you are digging up your own grave. It is good to do things by yourself but that doesn’t mean that you have to light up your own funeral pyre. Statutory warning on the cigarette packet, numerous awareness campaigns and whatsoever has been done to showcase the adverse effects of smoking. Let death come when it has to, kindly don’t invite it.

No Smoking

Passive Smoking

Drink Responsibly II


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