People often come up with this question to you. ‘Who is your inspiration’ or ‘Who is your role-model’ ?. Hope you would have given different names to these same question. If you still persist that, you always give the same name of a leader or celebrity or whomsoever, then I have an another question ready for you.

‘If he/she is your inspiration, then would you let me know to what extent have you practiced or implemented the inspired characteristic ?’ 

This might be a tricky question for you. Most of you might give me an diplomatic answer. Well, lets keep this thing aside for now. Let me propose to you on what I feel about inspirations and how to get more responsible.

The need for inspiration lies in the very fact that nobody is perfect. Everybody over their lifetime are trying to pursue their way towards perfection. Perfection. It is a trait that could never be attained. It’s just a reference. As a matter of fact, all your inspirations are not perfect too. They are less imperfect than you in certain qualities. That’s it. Stressing on the word ‘less imperfect’. I am using this word here because it suits and sounds much better.

Firstly, I do not think that any particular individual would be a complete package of inspiration for you. If you are a businessman, then you might have the leading business tycoons as your role-models. But that is confined only to your field of expertise. But you also don roles such as a citizen, a father/mother, a brother, a human and so on. For these various shades of your life, where are you drawing sense of  responsibilities from ?

‘Water, water everywhere. But no water to drink’. In the same manner, inspirations are everywhere. We hardly notice them. Inspirations can be drawn even when someone is doing a small deed. Say for example, specifically searching for a garbage bin to throw your emptied tin coke (assuming the place to be a crowded street in India).  Let us learn from him. How often have we done those ? or to say, how often have you thought of doing so ?. Drink a tin coke, throw it wherever you feel and then walk away. That’s what most people do. Still they would blame that the city is unclean. Basics start within our-self. It just requires a little responsibility, which may claim to possess but they actually don’t.

Things like these are inspirations too. It is like a chain reaction. You learn from someone. Someone might learn from you too. Who knows ? It is said that Mr.Gandhi transformed himself for better after watching a movie ‘HARICHANDRA’. Considering the movie as the factor, then all the people who had watched it must change too. Is it not ? But only Gandhi did. Self-realization it is. Self-evaluation too. It is within you. Tap it. Live with it. Practice it. It will never go unnoticed. Remember ‘Bad things travel fast. Good deeds take more time to create an impact’. So, kindly pursue towards it. Sooner or later, you would be very glad when you see someone else doing the deed that you had wished/thrived for.

People are noticed you. You are watched every second. You are leaving an impact wherever you go which we are unaware of. Start being less imperfect. Less irresponsible. Spread the fire. Cheers.


2 thoughts on “Being less IRRESPONSIBLE

  1. ‘Water, water everywhere. But no water to drink’. In the same manner, inspirations are everywhere. We hardly notice them. ….. !! So true… I am one of those persons who read a lot of motivational quotes, but then forget it when the real need comes. Thanks …for inspiring to be inspired. !!

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