Anand Elamaran. Krishna Mohan. Kowtham Kumar K.

We 3 guys, are FRIENDS. More than that, we are interested in Photography. There has always been a dispute in calling one, a photographer. I have come across many pictures that were shared in Facebook, saying that “Not all, who have a SLR is a Photographer” and many such pictures. This one too. This one was funny, but a bit rude too (as of my opinion).


PHOTOGRAPHERS – someone who takes photographs professionally.This is the definition of Photographer, according to a dictionary. But, i feel that a photographer is a one, who takes photographs passionately.

If you feel that this is RIGHT, then we are Photographers. But the fact is, we are ARTISTS. “We don’t take photographs, we make photographs”. A camera is not sufficient enough to make a photograph. Your imagination, creativity & most importantly, PATIENCE, are the most vital required.

I came across this story and I loved it, like anything.

“Once a photographer went to a dinner. There, the chef welcomed the photographer and said to him ‘Your photographs are really good, Sir. You are having a very good camera’. The photographer gave the chef, a smile and continued to have his dinner. After the dinner, the chef asked to the photographer how the dinner was. Here came the reply from the photographer. ‘The dinner was very delicious. You are having a very good stove’. Having said this, the photographer walked away.”

This is what photography is. Having the most advanced camera, doesn’t make you a photographer. You need to have the right imagination + right timing to create a photograph which you desire. For instance, in case of a wildlife photography, you cannot ask an elephant to give the pose you wish for. You need to wait, wait, wait till it gets into the position you needed. PATIENCE, plays an important role here.

MegaPixels doesn’t measure the excellence of a photographer.

A good photograph must, speak for itself. There lies the beauty of a photograph. My opinion is that, no photograph can be made perfect. They are many good photographs, few better photographs & no perfect photograph. The difference between two good photographs is rated on how better the other is, and not on how perfect it is. Given a subject to photograph, you will get infinite number of different snaps. No two snaps would be alike. Practice makes perfection. It is true everywhere and in photography, it is a perfect fit.

I look upon photography as a form of meditation, just like reading books. Focussing on a single subject. Analyzing the perfect time for a click. The angle, the lighting and it goes on.

“A photograph is a click away. A good photograph is a hundred clicks and a better , thousand clicks away.”

(click continues……)


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