Scholars Paralyze……!!

(Special Thanks to my brother, Jeniwer Bimro alias JLo for suggesting this title)

* You will get Hot water in a cup. People call it TEA here.

* Save Water, they say. No Water here. Now how should i save ?

These things are common in a hostel everywhere. That’s why they call it hostel, not HOME. Thank God, if your hostel is not worse like the ‘HOSTEL’ movie. In spite of these things, people stay here for years to come.

First they are mere Acquaintance

After a few weeks , they are your Hostel Mates

After a few month, they become your Friends

After a few years, they remain as your Friends

@ Dehradun

Forever, he remains the same. The relationship has reached the highest ever saturation point. Friends make the hostel more livable & most importantly, enjoyable. Give a man the best room, the best food & every other luxuries, I am sure he would not be able to stay there for more than 2 days, if he doesn’t have a friend. If you have friends, they you can even live in rags (but not for too long, i guess).

If a guy leaves to his native, no body would be able to fill his void. Even the most troublesome guy, when the moment he leaves to his native, we feel, ” Thank God ! He has left”. The very instant we would feel, ” Arey yaar ! It is boring here without him”. This is the case in every hostel. “You can’t be with them & you cannot be with him too” (quote inspired from John Gray). But, these troublesome guys are the ones who make this hostel life more funny & exciting. Picking up quarrels, engaging in small fight….yes…we need action too. The best part is, it never lasts for long. For a week, they might never face each other, but later, somehow they patch up. Reason : UNKNOWN. 

Trying to snatch the sweets from your friend’s plate, locking him inside the bathroom, hiding his mobile during the time of his girlfriend’s call (Special Sorry to Georgiee SK) are the fun moments that happens very often. The most important knowledge transfer takes place in the hostel. MOVIE Knowledge. Stay in a hostel and in a years time, you would be having more info about movies than IMDB. Documentaries, songs & all entertainment stuff, you would be updated regularly.

I always felt the need to stay in a hostel. Unfortunately, only during my post-graduation, I am getting this chance. It is always nice to spend time with guys who are 5-6 years younger to me. It is like seeing yourself a few years back. The kind of maturity & attitude they exhibit would very well give you an idea how we would have behaved during our young age.

The Maharaja, SRK, Prince, Baba, CR and so on…..these are nicknames of my friends in the hostel. Many more funny names are yet to come.

Birthday Bash in a hostel:  The moment when you felt, why the hell was i born….!

Cakes all over your face. The day when your friends become thugs to you. Targeting the most SOFT & SENSIBLE areas of your body. You will be dragged all over the floor of your hostel. And the most sad thing is that, you can never hit them back. These painful moments later become your most precious moments.

Room No 16 : The M. Tech Energy System guys. All from the same part of the country. The Banker from BoB upon whom we bank ourselves for upcoming quizzes & tests. The Bheem Boy, who wakes us up everyday. This is the price he had to pay for being the youngest in the room. Never complains. He is the most valued room mate in the hostel.

Leaving for your vacations is a good thing. Back home, you will enjoy a delicious meal & luxury. But leaving the hostel, with your friends carrying the luggages till the bus terminal, you will be knowing at that instant, what you are going to leave behind. Your friends. It is very hard to see them waving their hands and you slowly moving away from them in a bus or train. I am sure that, anybody at that instant would feel lost & lonely for a few moments. I had experienced it. So, hope I might be right to some extent. This happened to me during my Diwali 2012 vacations, when I left Prince & SRK (Room No.18).

Q: Why does an engine of a motorcycle  gets ceased, when you drop a handful of sugar into a petrol tank ?

A: Because it gets HYPERGLYCEMIA

In here, we can see students playing cricket with their blazers on. On inquiring  why, I was given this reply. ‘IT IS A GENTLEMAN’s GAME’…..! Without further questioning I gave him a smile and walked away.

You will get answers, for any sort of questions. Hilarious time, every time.

(Paralyzing continues……………)


6 thoughts on “Scholars Paralyze……!!

  1. So you got the touch of hindi 🙂 “Arey yaar”, even i cant stop using it 🙂 Just like u, my hostel experience was in PG only but unlike you i was the youngest, so used to get pampered a lot 🙂 🙂

  2. hahaha… Wow yaar…read every line with a huge smile on face . i got reminded of my hostel life. haha, seriously birthdays become the dangerous days in life .. Awesome life it is. Studying together till 3 am ,4 am….always complaining about the hostel mess but still eating every bite of it.. Lots lots memories….. Thanks for reviving them !!

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