Haridwar : My Travel Register

Route: Dehradun (ISBT) –> Shastri Nagar –> Harrewala –> Lachewala –> Doiwala (33 km) –>Bhaniyawala (31 km) –> Chidderwala –> Raiwala (7 km) –> Haridwar
Bus Fare: Rs.55/-
Note: The route to Haridwar & Rishikesh is same till Bhaniyawala. From there, if you take right, you go to Haridwar & if you go straight, you will find Rishikesh in the 20th km.
  • One gets to first see Har-ki-Pauri when he travels by bus to Haridwar. If you haven’t planned any accommodation, then get down at Har-ki-Pauri & we can find decent accommodations there. It is a tiring work to visit the Har-ki-Pauri if you had booked reservations, much prior in the city
  • Railway Station & Bus Terminal are just adjacent to each other
  • There are lots of buses available to Rishikesh, Delhi & Gangotri than to Dehradun
  • Buses will be tolerable for a maximum of 2-hour journey. If your destination is more than 100 km, then better switch over to a much better transportation
  • Bikano Family Restaurant is a good family restaurant in the Har-ki-Pauri area. You will be getting a decent South-Indian Foods
  • There a lots of Dhār masalas in Haridwar, but it requires prior reservations for accommodation
  • Tariffs start from a low 350 rupees to a much more expensive rate. If you are going alone or with few friends, then you can take the 300+ tariff lodges as they are not too bad enough. It is bearable for a night stay
  • Evening Puja starts after sunset & it is always divine to watch it. So, make sure you don’t miss it

  • We can have bathe in Ganges wherever you wish, along the city of Haridwar. The most sought place for taking a dip is Har-ki-Pauri. Kindly don’t expect the water to be clean. Forget your hygienic life style and take a dip quickly there
  • For a cleaner & much better dip, you can travel 2km away from Har-ki-Pauri and you can find better places. But those would give a feeling of a mere bathing, not a holy dip. If you insist of a religious & holy dip, then march to Har-ki-Pauri. You have no other go.
  • Mansa Devi & Chandi Devi Mandir are must watch places there in Haridwar. You will have ropeways for transportation. A planned schedule would help you finish these visits of 2 temples in less than 3 hours.  There is a combined travel ticket which takes you to both the mandirs, which costs 210/- rupees (inclusive of road transportation between the two mandirs)
  • Mansa Devi is always a very crowded Mandir. So, you better visit the Chandi Devi Mandir first and then shuttle back to Mansa Devi Mandir.
  • Had you got combined travel tickets, then you must go to a separate queue for the ropeway trip at Mansa Devi Mandir. So, don’t get caught up into the wrong queue.
  •  These two temples offer a full view of the Haridwar City. It would definitely be a scenic experience for you
  • It is an excellent place for photography. Special care must be given to your camera since it is too hard to handle it, in the crowds. Mobile camera Photography is advisable.
  • Market in the Har-Ki-Pauri will be a good walking experience for you. Nothing there for must-buy stuff, but a walk is good there. Milk will be given in earthen cups for Rs.17-. It was much better in taste & cheap than in Mussoorie
  • If you want to wrap up your trip in less than 24 hours and in a much comfortable way, plan in such a way that you reach Haridwar at 1700hrs (5pm in the evening) to see the Evening Aarathi, take a walk in the market, find an accommodation. Night Stay. Next day around 7am, take a dip then run to the Mansa Devi & Chandi Devi Mandir. You can complete all these at the earliest by 1400hrs (2pm in the afternoon), if travelled by schedule
  • Never give donations to any people, who claim that they are from this trust and they might even display their ID-cards. If you want to do a good thing in Haridwar, then please make sure you don’t litter. That is the greatest thing you can do there.
  • A maximum of Rs.10/- would be demanded by people who give you manjal or kumkum. So, it is up to you to whether to give it or not. Since, I was bad in Hindi; I was not able to argue. If you are good in Hindi, then you can surely find scope for many arguments there.
  • Rishikesh is very near to Haridwar (around 25 km, I suppose). So make plans in your holiday trip for Rishikesh too. In Rishikesh, one thing is sure. You can find a much cleaner Ganges water there.

-Wish you a Happy & Safe Journey–

Kindly don’t litter–Try keeping the place as gracious as you would wish it to be-


4 thoughts on “Haridwar : My Travel Register

  1. Got the feel of watchin TLC on reading this. A nice and a detailed description. Please do travel more to such holy places and do keep sharing your account with us often. Would be eagerly looking forward to more 🙂

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